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For over 150 years, Root Candles has crafted candles of uncompromising quality in Medina, Ohio prompted by Amos Ives Root’s passion for bees, beekeeping, and honey. Today, Root Candles still relies on the purity and naturalness of beeswax and bees that inspired Amos Ives Root all those years ago and remains true to its past by focusing on what they know best – beeswax. Root’s filled candles are made with an all-natural beeswax blend, saturated with fragrances containing essential oils, and are clean burning, long lasting, and luxurious.

New & Notable: New giftable collection, Comforts of Home by Root Candles offering five new fragrances: Rest + Recharge, Connect + Strengthen, Rejuvenate + Clarify, Flourish + Bloom, Purify + Cleanse; New color Dusty Rose and Sage Green in top-selling Pillar and Dinner Candle finishes/sizes/formats; New year-round Legacy Fragrances: Cotton Breeze, Amber & Oak, Salt Mist & Sand, Citron Bergamot; New Seeking Balance® Benefit, Cleanse, in top-selling formats.

Best Sellers: Seeking Balance®, Dinner Candles, 3 Wick Honeycomb Candles, Legacy Fragrance Collection, Specialty Gift Collections


Amos Ives Root was an innovator, entrepreneur and visionary. As Root Candles' founder, he instilled the values of honesty, integrity and "plain old hard work" throughout all levels of the Root Company. Today, 140 years later, those values still reside at the core of Root's corporate culture.

To honor the vision and leadership of A.I. Root, Root proudly offers Legacy by Root. This commemorative line of products extends Root's unfaltering care and craftsmanship. All Legacy beeswax blend candles, are graced with luxurious fragrances containing pure, essential oils. Root's pillars and dinner candles, enriched with beeswax, offer complete luxury and burn 1/3 longer than standard dinner candles. Root offers a number of ways to enhance the ambiance of your home.

Root Candles - family made candles of uncompromising quality, purity, and simplicity.

Comforts of Home
A selection of five luxurious fragrances taking inspiration from the unique mood of a particular room or occasion within the home.
Flourish + Bloom | Rejuvenate + Clarify
Connect + Strengthen | Rest + Recharge
Purify + Cleanse

Spring Collection
Spring is a time for freshness, happiness, and blooms!
Tea Leaf & Honey | Citron & Bergamot
Lavender Vanilla

Spring Fragrances
Citron & Bergamot | Salt & Mist
Cotton Breeze

Cotton Breeze
Tranquil notes of airy citrus glimmer with blooming aquatic florals, breezy linen accords, and sheer musk.

Lavender Vanilla
Glistening lavender bursts with sparkling juicy citrus notes of mandarin and clementine, blended with precious hyacinth and satiny sweet pea, classic jasmine petals & white peony.

Summer Collection
Journey to the coast, offering peaceful harbors, serene sunrises, and the perfect breezy beach retreat.
Salt Mist & Sand | Coastal Sunrise
Seaside Harbor

Winter Collection
Treat yourself with these indulgent fragrances! Tart Blackberry Honey, classic French Vanilla, and luxurious new Amber & Oak are the perfect scents for filling your home with rich, indulgent fragrance.

La Fleur Collection
Three romantic floral fragrances as sensual and elegant as their floral inspiration. Presented in soft pastel colors, each fragrance is reminiscent of tender, delicate petal blooms.
Violet | Peony | Hydrangea

Classics Collection
Create a sanctuary at home with our most luxurious collection yet! Six exquisite and captivating fragrances that will envelop your home in pure luxury.
Cashmere | Suede | Leather
Silk | Linen | Velvet

Elements Collection
A collection of four harmonious fragrances inspired by the four balancing elements of nature. Presented in three sizes, our new distinctively modern square glass and new scented Tealights will envelop your home with rich, bold fragrance.
Universe | Earth | Water | Fire | Air

Limited Edition Holiday Collection
Add a touch of sparkle to your Holiday displays
with our new textured glimmer glass.
Plum Chutney | Spiced Potpourri
Classic Cranberry | Cedarleaf & Pine

Legacy Holiday Collection
Candy Cane | Winter Balsam | Hollyberry
Bayberry | Cranberry Kettle Corn
Hot chocolate

Legacy Holiday Collection
Frosted Juniper | Peppermint Bark

Limited Edition Fall Collection
Our new Fall Collection, presented in three new square
glass sizes, will be a striking part of your Autumn decor.
Ambers | Autumn | Harvest

Legacy Fall Collection
Heirloom Pumpkin | Fall Leaves | Mulled Cider
Bourbon Pear | Pumpkin Spice
Cinnamon Spice

Legacy Fall Collection
Spiced Orchard | Blackberry Honey

Holly Berry Green

Fall Ombré Collection

Unscented Candles