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Cork Pops is a family owned and operated company which has been creating unique products for over 30 years. What started in a California garage with a father and son working together to develop the original Cork Pop cork extractor, has continued to include numerous other products that make entertaining fun and easy! Many of their products are made in California and are marked with the American flag to show their pride.

New & Notable: vinOstiq is the solution for sulfite in wine sensitivities -- no more headaches, stuffiness or flushing; Fruits of the Sea Collection by Jennifer Ponson -- artisan crafted sea creature designs which are painstakingly hand decorated with natural gemstones and added to stemless wine glasses; new vinOchill is a compact and lightweight product to keep a chilled bottle of wine at temperature or bring a bottle to temperature and hold when entertaining

Best Sellers: The Cork Pops Legacy wine opener along with the original Cork Pop in a variety of colors, Refill cartridges, vinOair, vinOstream, Screwed series bar towels with matching cocktail napkins, the gel-filled beverage cups in copper and stainless steel.


Fruit of the Sea Collection
Artisan Designed and Handcrafted Stemless Wine Glasses with Natural Stone

VINOSTIQ Sulfite Remover
The most effective sulfite removal for wine lovers seeking to reduce intake of harmful chemical preservatives and negative side effects. Dip the vinOstiq into your wine glass and swirl.

Sip into Paradise Set
Includes 4 glasses, muddler and recipes

Bottle Stoppers

Sani-Proof Hand Sanitizer & Surface spray cleaner.
Created through a partnership with Cork Pops and a local California brewery/distillery - Moylan's.
. Kills harmful germs and bacterial
. 12 oz bottle. 70% alcohol
-Made in the USA - bottled and labeled at Cork Pops

Silicone Stripped Straws
Colorful, Bendy & Eco-Friendly Includes 4 Silicon Straws and Cleaning Brush